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Camera Sensor

Video image sensor: CCD or C-MOS chip.

This is an industry standard for lens mounting. C-Mount is 1-inch diameter with 32 threads per inch. 

Charge Coupled Device. For imaging devices, a self-scanning semiconductor array that utilizes MOS technology, surface storage, and information transfer by shift register techniques. The "chip" in a solid state camera that replaced the camera tube .

International Radio Consultative Committee; has made the technical recommendation for the European 625 line, 50Hz standard for video signals.

Closed Circuit Television Manufacturers Association.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)
A television system in which signals are distributed via cables to a closed network of monitors. A standard CCTV system will normally include a CCTV camera (for capturing video), transmitters and receivers (to transfer the video from the source to where it is recorded), a recording system (for video playback), and a monitor (for video monitoring).

Complementary - Metal Oxide Semiconductor; a video image sensor chip; produces much lower quality picture than CCD chip.

Coaxial Cable
Cable commonly used to transmit video signals. It consists of a metallic shield with one or more center conductors which are isolated from each other and the shield.

Refers to an internal computer component which processes analog information (like a video or audio signal) into a digital format such as MJPEG, MPEG-4, Wavelet, etc. for electronic storage on digital recording media.

Color Saturation
The degree of mixture of a color and white. High saturation means little or no white.

Composite Video Signal
Video signal that contains the picture signal, and vertical and horizontal blanking and sync pulses.

Refers to the computer software technique that is used by the codec in a DVR video recorder (or DVR card) to convert the video signal to digital information so it can be compressed and stored on digital media like a hard disk drive, DVD, or CD.

The range of light and dark values in a picture or the ratio of maximum and minimum brightness.
This is an industry standard for lens mounting. CS-Mount is 1 inch diameter with 32 threads per inch.

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