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In color, the degree to which a color is diluted with white light or is pure.

Refers to a horizontal (panning) camera motion.

From French: Sequentiel Couleur avec Mémoire, meaning "sequential color with memory", a TV standard used in France, Russia and other countries that do not use either the NTSC or PAL system. It has 625 horizontal scan lines and 25 frames per second.

In television, the amount of light needed for the pickup device to operate

Ability to control the integration (of light) time to the sensor to less than 1/60 second.

Signal-to-Noise Ratio
This is the ratio between useful television signal and disturbing noise or snow.

Signal System
This term refers to the electrical system frequency a video image is phased on. Standard NTSC video is phased at a frequency of 60 Hz. PAL format video, on the other hand, has a signal phased at a rate of 50 Hz.

Smart Card
This term refers to a device that is often the same size as a credit card but that is “smart” to hold its own data and applications and perform its own processing. They are frequently contrasted with “dumb” cards that have magnetic strips or barcodes and rely more heavily on networks.

This term refers to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol; TCP/IP used in sending and receiving e-mail.

SVHS (Super Video Home System)
Super VHS; a higher quality extension of the VHS home videotape format.

Spot Filter
A neutral density filter placed at the center of one of the elements (or on an iris blade) to
increase the high end of the F-stop range of the lens.

Subnet Mask
This term identifies the range of accessible IP addresses.

Heavy random noise.

This is a transient of short duration, comprising part of a pulse, during which the amplitude considerably exceeds the average amplitude of the pulse.

This is a device that allows the video signals from multiple cameras to be displayed on a monitor, or recorded in sequence.

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