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Vari-focal Lens

These are lens with an adjustable focal length, such as 3.5-8mm, 2.6-6mm, and 4.5-10mm.

This term stands for Video Cassette Recorder. This is an analog device capable of accepting a video (and usually audio) input signal for recording onto magnetic tape media.

Vertical Resolution
This value refers to the number of horizontal lines that can be seen in the reproduced image of a television pattern.

VHS - Victor Home System
This is the most common standard size for VCR cassettes - 240 lines resolution.

Video Amplifier
A wideband amplifier used for passing picture signals.

Video Band
The frequency band width utilized to transmit a composite video signal.

Video Motion Detection
This is an advanced software feature which can detect motion in a camera's field of view and begin recording based on this motion detection.

Voltage Requirements
This termgenerally refers to the amount of input voltage required to safely and effectively power an electronic device.

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