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Yes. Securtex is SIRA approved for supply, Installation and AMC contract for CCTV and Intruder alarm system
Yes. For Emirates other than Dubai, where mandatory requirements apply, we work with partner companies who are approved for mandatory compliance.
Standard manufacture warranty is for one year, however some manufacturers offer standard warranties up to 5 years. In some instances, Securtex can also provide extended warranties for products supplied by Securtex and where Securtex is also maintaining the system.
Yes. We have a team of highly experienced, trained and SIRA approved technicians and engineers, who can provide cost effective ongoing tech support and routine maintenance.
AMC contract is normally for 12 months, however, by mutual agreement we can have AMC contract for any length of time. At the time of SIRA audit the AMC agreement must have a validity period of six months.
Main exclusions include Electrical and civil work. This work needs to be carried out by approved and certified contractors in the respective field.
Yes. SIRA regulations requires that every entity or facility which has CCTV or Intruder Alarm must have a SIRA approved AMC provider who is not only responsible for maintaining the system but also responsible for all SIRA portal work and obtaining NOC for DED trade license renewal.
The cost of an AMC agreement varies from site to site depending on the number of cameras, age of equipment complexity of the system and equipment and other factors which directly affect the number of routine tech calls and support required to maintain the system in a good working order all the time.
The coverage under AMC is normally agreed between the parties normally it includes 4 quarterly routine visits plus ongoing check call for any items which are defective and need to be rectified or replaced. It does not include cost of the items being replaced as such. The objective of the AMC is to ensure there all the equipment is working as intended.
Yes, we can undertake projects in GCC countries working with our partners in those countries where Securtex assumes all responsibility for ensuring that the project is completed and delivered as per agreed specifications and requirements mentioned in our proposal to the customer.
Our team can also provide security integration services for highly complex facilities and offer preventative maintenance plans Contact Us Now!