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An attendance management software that helps in keeping track of the attendance of employees based on various events like shift, late, overtime, week off, holiday working, on duty etc. 

KAIROS Time and Attendance System

Our Time and Management system offers a comprehensive way of collecting employee time and attendance data using Mobile, facial and biometric verification. With a single punch, the system records an employee's identity upon workplace entry and exit.
The data captured from the Mobile application or biometric device can then be downloaded as an event-log file to generate daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports on attendance, overtime, absenteeism, and payroll.


Our System's Accuracy And Efficiency

Our system's accurate and efficient collection of data saves your company's time from labor-intensive time card tracking and reduces your company's labor costs by minimizing overpayment of wages and increasing labor law compliance. With labor collection data from our system, you can stay on top of workforce productivity.

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In-time and out-time

In-time and out-time are taken from the time recording machine and also from the mobile application used by employees travelling around and also from the database file on a continuous basis and various MIS are generated from this system.
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Optional features

KAIROS also comes with other optional features like programmable door access control, additional RF card reader module for door access besides Biometric, Zone control and employee access control.
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Make the Switch Today

Save your company time and money. No business is too small or too large to benefit from what our time and attendance system has to offer. Our system is cost-effective and easy to implement. We have a variety of features for you to choose from. Select the features best-suited for your needs and make the switch today!