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About Us

Our mission is to create comprehensive, cost effective securitymanagement solutions, that address your particular critical operational needs, concerns, and budget considerations in order to assure the safety of your personnel and maintain the integrity of your physical and proprietary assets.

Conveniently located at Dubai Airport Free Zone, Securtex™ ME offers our Security Technology Resource Center (SecurteX) to assist with your security and surveillance challenges. Video cameras, CCTV monitoring and guards are not enough in today’s high-risk environments. Having the ability to act upon real-time, visual or event-created information is a necessity.


Security Solutions from Many Securtex™ Partners

Securtex™ ME Dubai SecurteX is a showcase for many different types of security solutions and technologies. Bring your projects and challenges to us to be solved by some of the most innovative solutions available in the security industry.

Professionally Developing Effective Solutions

One of the greatest values Securtex™ ME offers is to provide professional assistance in developing a better solution than what you imagined possible. We and our partner companies listen to your needs and help develop the solutions that make sense to you in terms of cost and effectiveness!.

Securtex Expertise Delivers Successful Solutions

Teaming with Securtex™ ME means you benefit from the best design and build expertise available to make your project a success. Our dedication in providing the latest electronic and computerized security technology will help
you gain control over your world.

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