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Digital Video Surveillance
PC Based DVR Systems
Multi-Screen Control Center Embedded DVR System
Mobile DVR

PC Based DVR Systems

The H-NAVS Standard Series Digital Surveillance System includes a 4 & 16 camera Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with Remote Management System (RMS) for remote viewing, configuration, and other advanced features. H-NAVS is a multifaceted product that integrates key elements into a single security solution. H-NAVS technology enables the user to view live and recorded video without interrupting recording.

Convenient and Intuitive Interface

H-NAVS Graphic User Interface (screen display) has been developed from many years of customer input and suggestions. Local software and RMS software are virtually identical. Learn one GUI (Graphical User Interface) since the local control and remote control are virtually the same. The controls and functions are naturally understood without the need for detailed training
and documentation.

Scalable and Stable File System

An advanced video storage file system allows for virtually unlimited volumes of video archives to be recorded and rapidly accessed. Storage is limited by the computer disk capacity available.  Advanced MPEG-4 compression ensures that video is stored in the least volume possible, and allows recovery of all images from compression with minimum loss of quality.

Totally Simultaneous and Uninterrupted Operation

H-NAVS performs all functions (Monitoring Display, Video and Audio Digital Recording, Playback, Archiving, and Remote Access from multiple locations) independently and simultaneously with any one function unaffected by any other operations

Advanced Communications and Network Capability

Compatible with computer network (TCP/IP) connections, H-NAVS systems are fully accessible by password authorized users anywhere in the world. Advanced authorization and encryption features ensure that each user accesses only the video, that they are allowed to view.

POS Integration Without Extra Hardware

Optional POS software to integrate many popular POS/Cash Register systems. Additional POS models not currently covered can be easily added for a small software development fee.

DVR Main Software Runs as Service

If the DVR software is closed down on the main PC screen, it continues to operate in the background even though not showing.

Executable Backup Files

This feature allows playing backup files on any computer without special software.

Multi-Zone Motion Detection

The system supports whole screen motion detection or user defined area motion detection, with several detection areas for each camera.

Key DVR Features

  • Live Viewing and Recording at 100, 200 & 400  fps/ system at 704 x 576 resolution on a 16 camera system
  • Using Industry Standard MJPEG/MPEG4 Technology
  • Multi-Camera Playback (Search) in DVR and Remote
  • Audio Recording
  • Encrypted/Watermarked Recordings with Digital Signature
  • Digital Zoom and Playback
  • Easy Access to PTZ Control per Channel
  • Multi-Level Password Protection
  • Application software runs as a Service in the Background
  • Auto Launch of Video on Specified Alarm Events
  • Adjustable Recording Rates for Time Lapse & Motion
    Detection Modes
  • Variable Frame Rates for each Camera
  • Automatic E-mail or Paging on Events
  • Remote client software

Additional Features

  • Application Lock allows user to access the DVR features according to their authority
  • One Search allows user to playback single camera without leaving the main camera screen
  • Full Screen Mode allows viewing of all cameras with out the user interface
  • 2-Way Audio allows for simple 2-way communication
  • Embedding date and time with the video validates recordings originality and creation date
  • Administrators can add users and assign user level rights for heightened security
    and usability
  • Easy access to the backup feature allows the user to backup their old data on any medium (manual, scheduled, concurrent backup options)
  • Image analyst feature allows the user to verify that the image is a true watermarked image
  • NAVS DVR  supports up to 16 sensors and 4 relays connected to the DVR
  • Each Sensor could be configured to use any number of cameras and relays available to the system
  • Remote Relay control
  • NAVS has playback features such as, forward, play, frame per frame, fast forward, fast reverse, and still image shot.
  • Sound triggered motion recording / adjustable trigger levels
  • Event Notification features such as displaying a red border around a triggered camera, or displaying the triggered camera in full screen mode, and also sending out an audible alert of the triggered camera
  • Easy Setup of Email notification allows the user to receive snapshots of motion, sensor, and/or video loss to his/her Email address. (selectable per camera)

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