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Alternating Current

This term indicates that a power supply can be either Alternating Current or Direct Current.

Access Control
This is a term for a system of granting access to data or performing an action. An authentication method is used to verify a user login, then the access control mechanism grants and revokes privileges based on predefined rules.

A/D (AD)
Typically refers to analog to digital conversion.

Analog to digital conversion; this is usually the very first stage of an electronic device that processes signals into digital format, ie converting a constantly time varying signal into a binary signal. The signal can be video, audio, control output and similar.

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, which is identified as Asymmetric because of the different data rates upstream and down-stream.

This is an advanced feature on some CCTV equipment which allows the equipment to provide a simple switch closure (usually) in response to a designated input alarm signal.

Analog signal
Representation of data by continuously varying quantities, with respect to time; An analog electrical signal has a different value of volts or amperes, or phases of either, for electrical representation of the original excitement (sound, light) within the dynamic range of the system.

Analog (or analogue) recording
This is a technique used to store audio or video signals for later playback. The analog recording method stores signals as a continual wave in/on the media, rather than the discrete numbers used in digital recording. The wave is stored as a physical texture on a phonograph record, or a fluctuation in the field strength of a magnetic recording.

Anonymous FTP
A method of using FTP (file transfer protocol) that does not require the user to log in or identify himself before downloading files.

In television optics, it is the effective diameter of the lens that controls the amount of light reaching the photoconductive or photo emitting image pickup sensor.

Aperture Scale
The aperture scale is referred to as an F-number, for example F1, F1.4, F2, F2.8, F4, etc.

Aspect Ratio
The ratio of width to height for the frame of the televised picture. 4:3 for standard systems, 5:4 for 1K x 1K, and 16:9 for HDTV.

A reduction in signal strength.

Auto Tracking White Balance function improves picture quality and color reproduction in variable light settings.

Auto Balance
A system for detecting errors in color balance in white and black areas of the picture and automatically adjusting the white and black levels of both the red and blue signals as needed for correction.

Auto Light Range
The range of light, e.g., sunlight to moonlight, over which a TV camera is capable of automatically operating at specified output.

Auto Iris Lens
A lens with an automatically controlled iris, allowing the lens to keep one light level during varying light conditions.

Automatic Light Control
The method by which the illumination incident upon the face of a pickup device is automatically adjusted as a function of scene brightness.

Auto Pan
Automatic back and forth camera motion.

Automatic Brightness Control
Electronic circuitry which automatically controls the brightness of video monitors in relation to ambient light

Automatic Frequency Control (AFC)
An method where the frequency of an oscillator is automatically maintained within specified limits.

Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
A process that automatically adjusts gain as a function of input or other specified parameter.

Automatic Light Control (ALC)
The function that automatically adjusts the brightness upon the camera pick-up according to the brightness of the scene.

Automatic White Balance (AWB)
Function that improves picture quality and color reproduction in variable light settings.

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