Visitrak is a Visitor Management System (VMS) which offers complete management of visitors at any site at a cost effective price. It is a feature rich solution which can be customized for special requirements.

Visitrak Features

Visitrak offers all the features to effectively and efficiently manage visitors at any site where the screening of visitors is an important component of the overall security operations/coverage. Visitrak was developed after carefully studying all the security requirements any site would face and keeping in mind the speed or time to register a visitor. This ensures that visitor’s information is captured in the least possible time by setting the standard registration and check- in time at five seconds or less.

Hardware Compatibility

Visitrak software is integrated with the latest ID readers available in the market. The Visitrak software can capture information from Driver’s license, ID cards, Passports etc. using readers which can read smart card chip based ID’s, barcode readers, machine readable passports, and magnetic strip ID’s. This ensures accurate and fast enrollment and registration of Visitors information and check-in and check-out process.

Global Usability

The wide range of readers’ integration ensures that ID from different countries can be used to capture information about the visitor in the shortest possible time. This ensures wide deployment in any country utilizing the ID most commonly used in that country. For example, for the USA we have integrated a low cost barcode reader which can capture the required information from a driver’s license. Additionally, Visitrak can read information from machine readable passports of any country in the world.

Protect What Matters Most!

Visitrak is an innovative and fully integrated registration solution for authentication of the visitors in/out of any given premises at the reception entry & exit points

Concerns about Visitrak application

Visitrak is a sophisticated too for enhancing the security of any facility, from a single building to a large industrial or financial facility.
Visitrak can control and manage multiple locations from a centralized base.
Visitrak is easy to operate and deploy with the highest level of functionality, configurations and sophistication.
Visitrak will greatly increase the productivity of an organization by providing a paper-less solution. It provides efficiency, effectiveness and security.
Visitrak reduces the risk of an adverse event and allows for both preparation and effective action for emergency situations.
Security breaches can occur when facilities rely on log books, reusable visitor badges and security guards to manage incoming visitors. Visitrak eliminates such potential problems by maintaining secure records of all visitors.
Visitrak is available in several configurations to cater to varying requirements of different businesses and physical locations.
Visitrak is offered worldwide in different languages
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Visitrak Application
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