Transform your video into valuable business insight

With our video analytics technology you can leverage existing video surveillance networks to derive searchable, actionable, and quantifiable intelligence from live or recorded video content.
Our video intelligence software detects and extracts objects in video, identifies each object based on trained Deep Neural Networks, and then classifies each object to enable intelligent video analysis, including search and filtering, alerting, and data aggregation and visualization.

Essential video analytic features
People counting
Queuing Alarm
Health & Safety regulations
Weather conditions
Video analytic
Video content

Applications of video analytics system

(specially in cinemas) – to detect facial expressions of movie goers, and conduct face composition analysis using cognitive services
Visitor composition analysis with dwell time management capabilities.
To ensure labor safety and security, by detecting known faces and flagging unknowns. Also, using cognitive services, we can detect correct safety gears worn by labors.
To enhance customer shopping experience by reducing customer service time; avoid over-crowding in store and perform better queue management.
Using facial expressions to address emergency situations (basis age & criticality)
Tracking kids’ movement and monitor absenteeism and child security.